A component designed to be part of a complete system

The BXC air exhaust grille can be used in both multi-family and single dwellings. In multi-family dwellings, the treatment can be collective (generally one or two fans in the roof) or else individual (one fan for each dwelling). In the case of houses, the principle is the same as for flats treated individually: the fan can be installed in the inhabited space or in the attic.


Collective treatment of multiple dwellings

Collective treatment of multiple dwellings - ventilation systemThe air in the dwellings is changed by the fan, most often located in the roof (in an attic or on the roof). The air is exhausted by air exhaust grilles in the service rooms (kitchen, bathroom, WC), imposing an air change throughout the dwelling. The humidity-controlled air inlets then distribute the fresh air according to the needs of each main room. BXC air exhaust grilles in this way make it possible to distribute the available airflow generated by the fan according to the needs of the service rooms and dwellings. This means that rooms or dwellings with large fresh air needs receive larger flows than empty rooms or dwellings.


Individual treatment of dwellings

Individual treatment of dwellings - ventilation systemA fan is in this case installed in each dwelling. Locating the fan inside the dwelling has the advantage of making it directly accessible, facilitating maintenance. As in the case of the collective treatment of dwellings, air is exhausted by humidity-controlled and/or presence detection air exhaust grilles located in the service rooms (kitchen, bathroom, WC). The airflows are therefore distributed according to the needs of each of these rooms. The fresh air is distributed by humidity-controlled air inlets located in the main rooms.



An air exhaust grille that optimizes the performance of supply and exhaust balanced systems with heat recovery

Exhaust grille with heat-recovery - ventilation systemModulation of the airflows at the terminals, which Aereco provides on its mechanical and natural ventilation systems, must not be regarded as opposed to the balanced technique. Quite the contrary, BXC demand controlled air exhaust grilles are not only compatible with the balanced principle, they in fact optimize its functioning, since they serve to distribute the exhausted airflow according to the needs of the service rooms. This helps improve indoor air quality by delivering, for example, a larger airflow to a bathroom when someone is taking a shower (the humidity increases, and the airflow exhausted follows), all fully automatically.