A definitely economical exhaust unit

A modest investment that quickly pay for itself

bxc ventilation: modest investmentWith their very reasonable purchase cost, very simple installation, and almost no maintenance, BXC air exhaust grilles pay for themselves extremely quickly, whether compared to constant-flow mechanical ventilation systems (which are slightly less expensive but waste lots of heat) or to much more expensive systems such as supply and exhaust balanced systems with heat recovery.

It is difficult to give a single number for the savings that result from using a ventilation system modulated according to needs, since these depend on the conditions of occupancy, the type of dwelling, the tightness of the enclosure, the weather, etc. However, in France, the CSTB has evaluated the savings of the Aereco modulated ventilation system at between 25 % and 60 % of the heat losses related to ventilation; this, given that the energy losses related to ventilation range from 15 % in very tight dwellings to 50 % in poorly insulated dwellings, situates the savings on the total heating consumption of a dwelling at between 4 % and 30 %.

For example, in a dwelling where the annual heating bill would be $500, the saving achieved by using the Aereco ventilation system rather than constant-flow ventilation can be evaluated between $20 and $150 every year.


Much less expensive than a balanced system

Energy consumption of ventilation systems

Total energy consumption of various ventilation systems Assumptions: 1 kWh electricity = $0.15; 1 kWh Fuel oil or Gas = $0.055; €1 = $1.27.

When the Aereco modulated exhaust-only ventilation system is compared to a supply and exhaust system with heat recovery, it is found that the much higher purchase and installation cost of the latter (approximately 3 times the cost of the Aereco system), only partially offset by the small energy performance difference between the two systems (only 1 000 kWh – $60/year for a supply and exhaust system with 80 % heat recovery*), once again favours the Aereco system.

Moreover, the simplicity of the Aereco system including the BXC means that no special maintenance is needed: no filter is necessary and there is no exchanger to clean. This holds the operating costs to a minimum.