An air exhaust grille that protects the environment

Large energy savings in use, like those delivered by the BXC air exhaust grille, are not enough to justify a claim of a good carbon balance: Aereco strives to master all the other environmental impacts over the life of the product, from manufacture to recycling.

Ventilation and environment protectionLocal manufacture to optimize the carbon balance

Most of the components of the BXC are made in France, in particular the injection-moulded plastic parts. This holds the environmental and energy costs of transport to a minimum, optimizing the carbon balance.

A product free of harmful substances

By means of appropriate specifications, Aereco makes sure that all of the electronic components used in the BXC, and in its other products, comply with the requirements of the European RoHS 2002/95/EC directive applicable since 1 July 2006. This means that lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, and specific bromine-based flame retardants, PBB and PBDE, are not used in our products.

A recyclable air exhaust grille

In order to facilitate the end-of-life recycling and treatment of the product, the type of plastic used is marked on the main parts. ABS and PS, which account for more than 70 % of the weight of the product, are two materials that are especially easy to recycle.

Ventilation and recycling