Built-in carbon dioxide or VOC detection, a world first

CO2 detector - ventilation The BXC inaugurates a new generation of advanced terminals for mechanical ventilation: for the first time in the world, an air exhaust grille incorporates CO2 or VOC sensors.

Both sensors employ the same principle: the opening threshold is selected from among 6 levels at the time of installation. It is set on a potentiometer that can be reached simply by removing the front panel of the product.

When the level of CO2 or of VOC (depending on the version of the product) is below the opening threshold, the airflow is at the baseline rate (minimum). A green LED under the translucent lens on the front panel then indicates that the indoor air quality is satisfactory. When the level of the pollutant rises above this threshold, the air exhaust grille opens to the peak airflow and the LED turns yellow; this state lasts as long as the level of pollution exceeds the preset threshold.

The peak airflow rapidly decreases the concentration of the pollutant, and the air exhaust grille returns to the baseline airflow when the level of the pollutant has remained below the threshold for more than 20 minutes. This ensures excellent indoor air quality while limiting heat losses, since the airflow remains low at all times when the levels of these pollutants are low.

The threshold can be reset at any time by removing the front panel of the air exhaust grille and changing the setting of the potentiometer.

VOC detector - ventilationThe version with CO2 detection is especially well suited to premises where the level of human occupancy is highly variable and the usual activities do not generate humidity, such as classrooms, meeting rooms and offices, and even locker rooms.

The version with VOC detection is intended primarily for confined spaces where use has been made of materials having a high emissivity, such as treated wood, laminated panels, carpeting, and plastic-based surfacing materials, in particular. The cabins of boats and mobile homes are natural applications for this air exhaust grille. This version is also well suited to the ventilation of locker rooms, to treat metabolic emissions due to sweating.

These air exhaust grilles are powered from a 12 VAC supply and can control the opening of switch-controlled air exhaust grilles (BXC s or BXC hi), in a “master-slave” system (one CO2 or VOC unit can control up to 5 air exhaust grilles).

Ventilation remote controlAnother innovation: a version with remote control, the BXC rc. The air exhaust grilles can be actuated by a specific infrared remote control. When the air exhaust grille receives the signal, it switches from the baseline airflow to the peak airflow, for 20 minutes after the last time it is actuated. The remote control eliminates the wiring of a switch. The BXC rc can operate on batteries or use 12 VAC from.



Setting off level of CO2 or VOC (in ppm)


test position