Extremely simple installation

Ventilation easy installationThe simplicity of installation of the BXC air exhaust grille makes it ideal for renovations, either on existing ventilation ducts (round or square) or as part of an all-new ventilation system.

Available in Ø 4” and 5” spigot versions and in a bracket version, it is simply attached to a wall or ceiling by 3 screws. With an eccentric connection, the BXC can easily be attached to a duct in a corner very near a wall or ceiling.

No electrical connection is necessary with the humidity-controlled version, or with the switch, remote control or presence detection versions when they are battery-powered.

The BXC uses standard 1.5 V AAA (LR05) batteries having an average life of approximately two years; they can be replaced by an accessory that lets the units run on 12 VAC. When the batteries become too low, a buzzer indicates that they must be replaced. A test at the time of installation serves to check that the unit is powered and working properly.

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BXC exhaust grille - spigot 4th version

Spigot version 4″

BXC exhaust grille - spigot 5th version

Spigot version 5″

BXC exhaust grille - bracket version

Bracket version