Ideal for commisioning and maintenance

BXC exhaust grille pressure plugA calibrated pressure plug to ease measurements

In its standard version, BXC air exhaust grille includes a pression plug to measure the pressure with a manometer, to deduce the airflow through a table (available in the installation instruction).
Once taken off, the plug stopper is used to fix the humidity sensitive airflow at its minimum position. This function is particularly appropriated for commissioning.


 Simply cleaning the front panel and the damper box is enough

The units require almost no maintenance: simply dusting the front panel and cleaning the damper box with soapy water once a year keep it working properly. Because the sensors are located outside of the airflow, they are not at risk of clogging and require no special maintenance.


Ventilation easy maintenance and commisioningLimiting the number of fans to simplify maintenance

Using only one fan per dwelling or per building makes maintenance much simpler than with systems that use many motors (as when there is one fan per room, in particular).
This centralization of the fan (which can be placed on roof terrace in the case of multi-family dwellings) is of great benefit to the building manager, because it eliminates the need to enter the dwellings for maintenance.