More comfort for the occupant

A good ventilation system is unobtrusive: it is quiet and draft-free and blends in with its environment. The BXC air exhaust grille satisfies these criteria.

ventilation confortA perfectly quiet operation

Both the humidity-controlled version and the electrical versions of the BXC are perfectly quiet in operation. The humidity sensor operates (presence detection, switch, remote control, slave, CO2 or VOC) have quiet new-generation motors. It has even been necessary to add a buzzer, to indicate opening upon presence detection, so that the occupant will know that the device is still working properly.

Another important factor that occupants do not appreciate when it is poorly controlled: the noise of the air in contact with the grille and with the product, called ‘proper noise’.
Considerable research has been done on the aerodynamics of the product and the airflow to produce a very quiet device that will not annoy the occupant (less than 29 dB(A) at the maximum variable airflow).

Finally, special care has been taken to attenuate noise transmitted through the ductwork or from one room to another and to hold such transmission to a minimum.
Acoustic accessories such as acoustic rings can be used in 5” ducts to further reduce noise transmission.


Ventilation - blending in with the environmentBlending in with the environment

With its modern design and bright finish, the BXC blends in well in the service rooms of houses.

Most of the materials used in these rooms have bright finishes (ceramics, stainless steel, chrome), with white prevailing, helping the product fit in smoothly in particular in rooms such as bathrooms and WCs. The material used for the one-piece front panel is high-quality ABS, a guarantee of excellent colour-fastness and a durably attractive finish.