Save energy thanks to a smart airflow management

BXC exhaust grille - smart airflow management to save energyStiffer energy performance requirements for buildings are driving innovation in products and systems for this sector. This is especially true of ventilation systems, given that heat losses from air change account for an ever-growing share of a building’s total consumption: the optimization of insulating materials and windows and the elimination of cold bridges, in particular, are increasing the impact of ventilation on energy consumption in the residential sector, which can reach as much as 50 % of a building’s heating consumption.

It is with this in mind that Aereco has created the BXC, a new generation of smart air exhaust grilles intended for whole-house mechanical ventilation. By modulating airflows in response to various parameters characterizing indoor pollution levels, the BXC optimizes indoor air quality while achieving large savings on heating energy.


Modulating airflows to save energyBXC exhaust grille - smart airflow management to save energy - energy house

Many tests and studies and extensive monitoring have shown that airflow modulation can make an effective contribution both to energy savings and to health and comfort. Automatically decreasing the airflow when a dwelling is empty, or nearly so, saves a large share of the energy used for heating: on average, between 25 and 60 % of the heat losses ascribable to ventilation.

Activation modes for all needs

The BXC provides several activation modes in order to meet the varied specific needs of dwellings, offices, schools, and premises of other types. Moisture detection (humidity control), switch or remote control activation, presence detection, detection of CO2 or even of VOCs: we have sought to respond as accurately as possible to the varied needs of occupants and to the pollutants present in the premises in which they live.

These sophisticated control modes optimize indoor air quality while saving energy, because it is by controlling airflow very accurately that best performance is achieved.

BXC exhaust grille detector Smart presence detection for additional energy savings

The presence detection function in the ‘p’ and ‘pd’ versions of the BXC comprises a very sensitive infrared detector that activates the peak airflow when it detects radiant movements within 6 ft in a 100° sector. Ideal to optimize air quality in toilets, whether separate or located in a bathroom, these versions maximize energy savings: A timer closes the air exhaust grilles 20 minutes after the last detection to limit useless heat losses. Its action is delayed slightly – 5 seconds after the first detection in the ‘p’ version, 60 seconds in the ‘pd’ version – to avoid opening the unit unnecessarily.

So when the door of the toilet is left open and someone walks past outside, the unit is not opened, but remains at the baseline airflow, and so does not waste heating energy. The version with the 60-second delay is best for toilets in bathrooms: merely washing your hands will not trigger the peak airflow.

BXC exhaust grille presence detection working